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Detox Patches –

We are the first company to introduce FDA approved “Detox patches” in India. The Detox patches are from KJI (joint venture of South Korea and Japan), a technology approved by Japan.

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Aquaox –

In 2016, MEDMOKK started production of a non-toxic, eco-friendly and non-hazardous disinfecting solution in collaboration with “Aquaox”, Netherland. This solution known as “Aquaox” is CE, FDA, EPA approved and is very effective in killing all types of bacteria, virus & fungus including MRSA, Salmonella Typhi, E-coli and Corona virus. Aquaox solution is made up of RO water and pure dried salt without any chemical additives.



Dhvani –

In 2018, in collaboration with “Innovation Design Quotient Studio(INDQ)”, MEDMOKK launched low cost hearing aid named “Dhvani”. Dhvani is a very compact and light weight Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aid having multiple benefits like low cost, noise cancelation, multiple sound adjustment, low power consumption and rechargeable battery unit (Battery lasts up to 500 cycles and once charged, the battery will last as long as 6 days) designed in India.

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Doral –

Recently MEDMOKK once again in collaboration with “Innovation Design Quotient Studio” has come up with a first of its kind, patented “Oral Health Remote Screening Device”-D-ORAL. For introducing this product into the global market, In 2022 we have partnered with SRAM&MRAM group who are a UK based conglomerate.