Dhvani Hearing Aid

Tring tring!

If so, how good is your sense of hearing? We would like to alarm the younger and elder generations about hearing loss.

It’s very common for people’s hearing to get worse as they get older. About 25 to 40 out of 100 people over the age of 65 are affected. But nowadays there ‘s excess usage of headsets, ear phones and also those who doesn’t love loud party music?, everyone enjoys it but the minimum to maximum hearing dB are 20db to 90db.

Hearing loss is a decrease in your ability to hear or understand speech and sounds around you. Hearing loss can happen when any part of the ear or the nerves that carry information of sounds to your brain do not work in the usual way. In some cases, hearing loss can be temporary. However, it can become permanent when vital parts of the ear have been damaged beyond repair. Damage to any part of the ear can lead to hearing loss

After leaving a very loud event, such as a concert or football game, you may notice that you don’t hear as well as before. You might not hear whispers, sound might seem muffled, or you may hear ringing in your ears. Normal hearing usually returns within a few hours to a few days. This is because the hair cells, similar to blades of grass, will bend more if the sound is louder. But they will become straight again after a recovery period.

Do you want to know where you are exceeding your hearing decibels?

  • Quiet conversation: 40 dB
  • Normal conversation: 60 dB
  • Traffic: 80 dB
  • Industrial noise, Very loud music, for example at a rock concert or a nightclub: 100 dB-120 dB
  • Nearby thunder: 120 dB

Medmokk has come up with a brand new hearing aid “Dhvani” which has been completely designed and manufactured at AMTZ. It is a digitally programmed hearing aid and has the most optimal features, form, finish and colors confirming to Indian standards. It has the absolute best fit with long lasting battery and enhanced noise cancellation at multiple levels. It is available at the most affordable price in India.

Dhvani which is a digital BTE hearing aid a very small, light in weight and easy to carry that measures only 3.8gm. It is designed in such a way that it can be operated easily by any individual having hearing loss, It has a volume control switch to increase or decrease volume.

Most unique feature of this device is its programming which has 4 modes

1st mode can be used in a quiet environment

2nd mode has a noise cancellation where any noise can be canceled

3rd mode can be used in indoor environment

4th mode can be used in outdoor environment

  • This device has a rechargeable battery and it comes with a charger to charge the unit. Life of the battery is about 5 days when once fully charged.
  • Dhvani can be used for people having Mild, Moderate, Moderately severe, Profound or Severe hearing loss
  • Device was tested under standard IEC 60118-7:2005
  • We got an excellent test report and believe the results are in compliance and satisfactory.