An Approach to Sustainable Cleaning & Disinfecting

Environmental cleaning plays a key role in preventing the spread of contagious pathogens. However, many current cleaning and disinfecting practices negatively impact human health and the environment.

The AQUAOX™ cleaning and disinfection process is a systematic method for environmental cleaning and disinfecting that aims at reducing harm to human health and the environment while improving the hygiene of a facilities environment.

Hospitals/other markets are using different solutions in different areas to kill the microorganisms which are toxic in nature and hazardous to the health and not eco-friendly.

What is Aquaox?

Aquaox is a non-toxic sterilant solution for medical and alternative uses. It is  Super-oxidized water, Hypochlorous acid with neutral PH produced at 200 ppm is an Active free chlorine which is a Liquid sterilant and is a Fast acting disinfectant, Safe for patients, staff, instruments and endoscopes. 

Aquaox is Effective and Validated as Bactericidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal and Sporicidal in 5 minutes, whereas other will be 5 hours- 10 hours. It is non-toxic, non-irritant, environment friendly and very cost effective.

Where to Use?

Aquaox is a single solution which can be used in different areas with different concentration levels as per the Standard Operating Procedures. It can be used in areas like floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning, hand wash, catheter cleaning, dialysis cleaning, endoscopes instruments, OT sterilization/fumigation, blood tubing, lab(test tubes, sample cups), labor room, laundry and kitchen, patient areas like, corridors, Waiting areas, toilets, Other Markets :  Where ever bacterial, fungus and virus are persists, this solution can be used in different ppm levels according to the market, like Rythu bazaar, super markets, fruit market, flower market, Aqua, Drinking water, Sewage, Poultry, Railways, Public transport areas etc.,

Preparation: We can prepare it onsite. The raw materials are soft water and PDV (pure dried vacuum salt) 

Validation in Hospitals: The equipment is CE ,FDA and EPA approved and the results are good and it’s cost effective. 

Validation in Other markets:  In Western Countries this product is used and relevant certificates have been obtained.

Types of Machines

Three types of machines are available , EA-100, with input of 100 lit soft water with salts, 90 lit of HOCL and 10 lit of NaOH will produce per hour, similarly EA- 200, 180 lit and 20 lit, EA- 400, 360 lit and 40 lit of HOCL & NaOH will produce per hour with 50-500 ppm on site. Even up to 500 ppm this HOCL solution is not harmful, non- hazardous, eco-friendly, non-irritant with neutral pH 7.2. Since chlorine is in free radicals you have store at room temperature and sealed non-opec containers.

In 2003, we found that M/s Puricore, a UK start-up company, is manufacturing Medigen 100/ 200, which is manufacturing sterilox solution with 200 ppm of active free chlorine which kills most bacteria, fungus and viruses. They have developed this for endoscopy utilization and have slowly moved into other areas as well.

Our long association and dealing with similar products prompted them to give us the exclusive distribution for the entire India. Initially, we started in two Water and Agriculture/Horticulture areas, slowly expanding to other areas. In principle they are agreed for all areas.